Seven Doors to Awakened Consciousness – With Rahasya, July 12th – 14th

Seven Doors to Awakened Consciousness – With Rahasya, July 12th – 14th

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Jesus is said to have awakened through the Heart Chakra, so his teaching became that of love
Mohammad through the Throat Chakra, so his teaching became that of devotion and surrender
Buddha through the Third eye Chakra, so his teaching became that of awareness
Shiva through the Crown Chakra, so his teaching became that of Oneness

Each of these Avatars has been the inspiration for a spesific religion with a sertain fragrance. In this time of global awakening, we may be able to move from Religion to Religiousness, and experience the taste of freedom through more than one door, thus enjoying the whole spectrum of the rainbow of human consciousness.

The Seven Doors of Awakened Consciousness can give a taste of this possibility. This years course allows grace to open the door through The Blue Ray The Throat Chakra.


Feedback from previous courses:

«This seminar was absolutely exceptional, it brought me into a depth within myself that I have never touched before. Infinite gratitude to you.»

«It was the biggest gift in my life, to be welcomed into this space of love, compassion and silence. A seminar of deep transformation.»     …     …

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The Throat Chakra – The Blue Ray




Blue is the color of the fifth chakra, located at the throat, and is related to:

  • Peace
  • Understanding
  • Unconditional acceptance
  • Awakening to who we are
  • Devotion
  • Prayer
  • Knowing and not knowing
  • Expression and Creativity
  • Surrender and letting Go
  • The release of suffering
  • Being your own authority
  • Death and rebirth

When the energy here is distorted and this door is closed, we:

  • Function according to our old and limiting conditioned beliefs
  • Cling to the known
  • Isolate ourselves and feel distant
  • Are afraid to take risks
  • Live in fear of authorities
  • Limit our creativity and imitate others

Through Aura-Soma, Meditation and Satsang we specifically become aware and shine the light of love and consciousness unto patterns and gifts of the fifth Chakra, individually and collectively.

We can allow grace to bring consciousness and healing to the fifth chakra, guiding us towards:

  • Clearer communication
  • Creative expression
  • Understanding on an existential level
  • A yes to life and to the unknown
  • A new awakening of who we truly are as love, peace and witnessing consciousness
  • Deep peacefulness and silence
  • Welcoming the natural laws of life, death and rebirth




Dr. Rahasya Fritjof Kraft, awakened teacher, physician, author and lecturer. He is leading groups, trainings and meditation retreats for laymen and professionals all over the world. Educated in Germany, France and the US.  Rahasya was the director of Osho School of Mysticism in Pune, India. Meeting Osho in 1980 and living in his presence for many years transformed his life.  Since 1996 has he been living in Australia, but travel extensively to share his love, light and insights in courses, trainings and retreats.







As always, we encourage you to wear comfortable loose clothing, and if possible a BLUE top.
We are looking forward to seeing you.
Much love from Rahasya and team;
Stig Johansen and Nilaya


WHEN;  Friday 12.7.  kl 10 – 18,  Saturday 13.7.  kl 10 – 18,  and Sunday 14.7.  kl 10 -18
WHERE; Forsamlingshuset  i Solvang kolonihage (avd 4.)  Nordbergveien 105.
(Take the Metro Sognsvannsbanen to Holstein station, or buss nb 22 eller 25 to Norbergveien station.)
Ask anyone at kolonihagen for Forsamlingshuset, (or Klick for map; It is located next to «Utsikten»)

PRICE:  3600,-NOK.   To secure your booking, please deposit 500,-kr to 1105.27.62113






«The love, light, and joy I have experienced in this seminar have created a deep peace within, and without that accompanies wonderfully in my daily life. Thank you.»

» In the being of my heart tears of gratitude are flowing. I have awakened to a deep connection with everything. I am home in gratitude, I am in love with all.»

«What would the colours of the rainbow be if one color would be missing? Only the whole spectrum creates white light. I am deeply touched, empowered, filled with consciousness, peace, wholeness, bliss, gratitude and love. Thank you so much.»

«Thank you to you all. What a wonderful experience. I feel so much energy inside myself, that i can meet anything in life. Light love and power are my companions now.»

This was for now the most beautiful experience of my life. Even thought the mind is still a little confused, my heart and my belly have come home, full of love, gratituse, stillness, being at ease. I cannot describe everything, yet it is so beautiful to descover myself in a complaetly new way.»

«It is impossible to put into words the heartfelt love and gratitude that I feel for all of Rahasya’s profound teachings, in this case The Red Ray. The depth of transformation of fear within my being from traumatic childhood experience is inspiring and totally life changing. I have embraced personal and spiritual growth since I was 15 years old, and nothing has taken me as deeply into presence as here with Rahasya’s guidance. I feel so blessed…»

«… Er så glad for… [at] …jeg ble med på kurset. Livet har vært sååå mye lettere siden.   … Det som skjedde var at jeg totalt så meg selv i alle andre.  … og tilliten er blitt større.  Det gjør det lettere å leve.  Er også mer oppmerksom på å være vennlig mot meg selv. Bare å få le slik jeg gjorde under kurset var verdt sin vekt i gull. Det er mange år siden jeg har følt meg så indre sterk og glad.»